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We offer free manual and automatic submission to the most popular free internet search engines and directories. The search engines and directories listed below are sorted by popularity. Moz.com determines rankings, which are updated on a regular basis. Do you have a question about FWS? Check out our FAQ page.

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Guaranteed Top-10 Exposure

For $3 – $5 a month, you can get top-10 exposure across our network of search engines and web directories.(Coming Soon)

Other Web Search Engines

List of web search engines that didn’t make our top 50 but still offer free website submission.

Other Local Search Engines

This is a list of local search engines that did not make our top 50 but still offer free website submission.

Monthly Website Submission

With our monthly submission service, you may automate your website submission to the internet’s main search engines.

Online Tools

Link Popularity Checker
Page Speed Analyzer
Meta Tag Generator
Web Page Analyzer
Search Engine Saturation Tool
Domain Authority Too

Informative Articles

Click here to read a selection of instructive articles about search engines, marketing, and other topics.

Boost Your Website Traffic

With our Guaranteed Traffic Programme, you may increase your website traffic by 2,000 visitors per quarter.

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Submit a Search Engine here to suggest a free search engine or directory to FWS.

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See all the search engines your listed in when you submit using FWS.

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